Staying in the light and finding the truth.

A defining moment is a moment when we come face to face with a truth either we didn’t know or that we purposely forgot. And as we realize this truth our view of life, or the way we perceive relationships, is changed. Responding appropriately to this truth can transform our lives forever. All of us have defining moments in our lives that bring us face to face with an old principle or truth, which may force us to view all of life through that lens.

For me, one of those defining moments was after making a decision for Christ. I did not immediately see the change I thought I would see. I left church because I felt I was just being a plastic Christian and a hypocrite. See I was entangled in a sin, that at that time, seemed like I was never going to overcome. Everything I tried failed. I would get disgusted with myself and scream, “I’m going to pull myself up by my own bootstraps, all by my own efforts!” No matter how far I tried to run and hide, from the truth, I knew one thing for sure, Jesus was the only answer. I just didn’t understand how he could be the answer, when my sins were so habitual. I was in such pain over the sin in my life, and was always crying out to God to take this away. I felt so guilty and ashamed. God heard my cry, and he answered in a way I would never have thought for myself; he used a book. The book was ‘The Bondage Breaker’ by Neil T Anderson. God used this broken time in my life to show me a love I never knew before. Prior to this, I’m sorry to report, I had never read a book in my whole life. But, this book spoke directly to my heart and I could not put it down. This is when God showed me His grace, and told me everything I ever did was under the forgiving blood of Jesus.  He showed me who I was created to be.


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