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What we do at Godly Culture Ministries is equip the body to eloquently, artfully, and winsomely engage the culture.  Believers today face many societal biases, intellectual objections, and spiritual attacks.  Whether it be meeting new friends who practice a different religion, or coming up against the politically correct set, believers are met by challenges and hurdles.  Many of our members feel inadequate, uninformed, maybe even a little incompetent to minister in today’s marketplace of ideas.  They are uncertain of how to broach difficult subjects such as gay marriage, abortion, Islam, worldliness with their friends and co-workers.  Our pastors are doing the best they can, but everyone can use a little support.  Who has the time to study, plan, recruit, disciple, counsel, preach, and juggle a family (all on a pastor’s salary)?  Believers simply need a readily digestible, easy to remember, spirit filled message of hope. GodlyCulture provides just that!

We want to do some of the heavy lifting for you.  This is what we offer:

  • Retreat and Respite:   We have a one of a kind ministry exclusively devoted to pastors and church leaders.  It is one part retreat, one part expedition, and one part intimate fellowship with other pastors.  We go places like The Appalachian Trail, Costa Rica, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Israel.  You will be refreshed, rested, and made ready to lead once more!
  • Pulpit supply:  If you are vacationing, ill, or simply need some time off, why not let us do the preaching this week?  Dan is an accomplished speaker, and looks forward to sharing his heart with your church, while you are away.
  • Discipleship curriculum:  Our proven method trains, motivates and actually results in the members of your church replicating their faith in others.  It is amazing how a church can suddenly come alive, when the members take on their God given responsibilities.  Of course, it dramatically eases the burden of ministry, which formerly fell on the pastor.
  • Disicpleship training:  We will sit with you, go over the curriculum theory and practicum, and help to launch your new Discipleship for Life Change program.  Wouldn’t we all, as pastors, love to see our body growing in love for Jesus, each other, and the lost?  The Jesus method, for just such a movement, is discipleship!
  • Service Audit:  We will come on a Sunday morning, and audit your church.  This will be a methodical, scientific approach to learning how a visitor perceives your church.  We base on a series of criteria, some of which are “first impressions”, “membership participation”, “children’s ministry”, etc.  We will provide you with a full report, complete with affirmations and suggestions for improvement.
  • Speaking engagements:  Dan would love to come out and meet your group.  He specializes in teaching believers how to engage the culture in a godly way, with the aim of overcoming obstacles, crushing objections, and clearing the way for an encounter with Jesus.  Whether it be Wednesday night service, a special event, such as a conference, your Youth night, or holiday party, God’s word is burning in him and he aches to get it out.
  • Ghost writing:  We can help you get started writing that book or pamphlet.  You’ve had this desire for years.  You have the idea.  You have the content.  We can help you with your outline and filling in the places between the ideas.  Let’s face it, you are writing new content every week, so maybe its time to publish.  Expand your reach!
  • Multimedia:  Maybe you’ve thinking about doing a blog, podcast, or creating a page on your website so you can begin recording and broadcasting the Sunday morning sermon.  Our savvy IT professional can do an entire build out, if that is what you want.  A multimedia approach simply widens the arc of your message, allowing the maximum number of participants to hear the message you care so passionately about.
  • Impact Teams:  These evangelistic teams or E-Teams will be trained, and equipped to reach out to the marketplace at grocery stores, sporting events, school functions, and any where unbelievers may congregate.  We will provide them with simple tools, which produce much fruit.  Simply put, we want your members to be courageous and informed, when they go out in small groups to meet and minister to the lost.  We can make an impact in the lives of individuals and on the culture!
  • Weddings and premarital counseling:  One of the biggest decisions some one can make is their marriage partner.  This relationship will profoundly shape the course of a believer’s life, even their destiny!  Sadly, many enter into matrimony with false premises, misguided notions, and broken pasts.  A little bit of training, equipping, admonishing, and education can activate the power of Jesus Christ in our homes and marriages.  Every person contemplating marriage should prepare for a lifetime of learning, loving, forgiving, and pursuit of the Beloved.

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