Trump, Climate Change, and Settled Science


There’s a lot in the news right now about President Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Accords.  These Accords strip American’s of the sovereign right to self government, and further entrench our nation in one world government scenario, because our lawmakers would need to answer to a global council’s climate dictates.  (Under the accords, the tiny country of New Zealand was handed a bill for 1.4 Billion dollars because of its emissions. They only have 2 million workers in their entire country. Just imagine what bill would be owed by a country the size of the United States.) Of course, climate alarmism is designed to take a free people’s rights away. It is not about saving the planet. It is about power.

One story reporting on Trump’s withdrawal, has it that he incensed German Chancellor Angela Merkel by rebuffing her requests to endorse the Paris Accord. This is just the latest in a series of liberal attempts to make hay of President Trump’s commitment to keeping his campaign promises.  It seems the one thing our elected overlords cannot stand is a President who drains the swamp.

Many in government will tell you that these accords are largely symbolic, and won’t have that much effect, but are intended to help the US more fully sync with the world powers. Assuming that’s true, here are my questions.

  • If its true that this is largely symbolic, then why expect the president to sign it. Shouldn’t “One-Worlders” disregard the Paris Accords, preferring a treaty that pushes US into a more binding agreement?
  • If it really won’t have that much effect, then why go to the trouble of implementing the specifics the accords outline?  Shouldn’t environmentalists hold out for a more forceful agreement?

Climate Change

10,000 years ago the planet was emerging from an Ice Age.  Earth got warmer, greener, and became abundantly fruitful for many species of plants and animals.  Do you know who should be very thankful for global warming? Humans. That’s who.  We are a hearty species, but we do not flourish in Ice Age conditions.  We get sick when its cold. We need to consume more calories to keep our internal temperature steady, making competition even for the scant resources available all the fiercer.  We have to consume foods richer in Iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin D, since we’d receive less direct sunlight.

Global Warming has been great for humans.  Did you know that the earth is going through a period of significant greening, due to the increase in CO2 in our atmosphere.  “ reports that for the last 35 years our planet has gotten greener.  Results showed that carbon dioxide fertilization explains 70 percent of the greening effect, said co-author of the study Ranga Myneni, a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University. ‘The second most important driver is nitrogen, at 9 percent. So we see what an outsized role CO2 plays in this process’.”

It might be a tough pill to swallow, but more CO2 is good for plants. And, warmer climates are good for animals.  Climate alarmists are dismayed at the so called “weather weirding”, a term they have been forced to adopt since there has been no measurable increase in global temperatures for 19 years. (Ever notice how every bad weather pattern gets blamed on “climate change”, but none of them ever take the time to explain why.) But, a reasoned, logical approach exposes this for so much tree hugger paranoia. Common sense proponents take it at face value that the change in climate is a boon, not a bust.

We do not know the full implications of mankind’s influence on the climate, anymore than we can know the full implications of any of our personal decisions.  It is asinine to think otherwise. The Climate is changing, did change, and will continue to change, so long as there is a climate. Our weather isn’t weird, its just new.  When natural phenomena fail to behave as they usually do, there is no way to tell why.  We’ve only been trying to seriously measure meteorological phenomena for a century, but there are weather patterns which take hundreds of years to cycle.  How do we know that what’s happening in our weather isn’t perfectly normal for where we are in one of those cycles?

Settled Science

Dr. Michael Guillen has a “3-D” PhD, which means he had to satisfy the educational requirements in 3 separate fields to earn his doctorate.  His view on “settled science” runs counter to all of those who say that certain scientific golden cows are not to be trifled with.  He states that there is no such thing as settled science. Paraphrasing Einstein he reminded his listeners that, hundreds of experiments do not prove me right, but it only takes one experiment to prove me wrong.

The idea that our current understanding of the sciences is so concrete, impassive and complete that we should no longer question the prevailing wisdom is not only arrogant, it flaunts the scientific spirit.  The scientific method was developed to help us test our hypothesis, not to quash the interlocutor’s spirit of discovery.  We are not gods. We are not all knowing. We do not possess perfect knowledge, even regarding natural phenomena which we have tested and studied for generations. There is always an unseen, unknown element which effects the outcomes of even the most finely tuned experiment.  Tomorrow an experiment could be performed that would put the prevailing scientific theories out on their ears.


God is in control. He steers the heart of the kind wherever He wills. God’s creation is vast and it is somewhat in our hands to guard and guide. That’s part of the divine will.  But, God has never placed it in our hands to unwind immutable structures within the Creation. Our planet, God’s finest world (that we know of) is ours to govern, safe guard, and explore. There will always be those who wish to politicize truth, in the service of a human agenda, government program, or organization’s preferred interpretation.

As Christians we focus everything through the lens of the Bible, not of our interpretation of the Bible. When scripture and nature agree, we know our interpretations are valid. When they don’t, it is because of human error. My exhortation to you is to get involved in the sciences, politics, culture, PTAs, homeless shelters, start a business, and write literature. These different realms of human excellence need the influence and leadership of Christians living godly in Christ Jesus, devoted to God’s truth.

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