Did being white help Jews in concentration camps?

By now we have all heard the ill worded, and, subsequently, hastily recanted racist statements, made by a, once, giant in his field. They’ve been debated, decried, re-tweeted, and the focus of much news radio bluster. You’re familiar with the story. He uttered words of hate and ignorance, and he was outed by a source he trusted. The aftermath of which may cost him his life’s work. He was a man on top of the world. He had it all; wealth, a public forum, and the respect of his peers. And, suddenly with no warning, it is all imperiled. He never expected the outrage, because in his mind he was safe, and perhaps he thinks everybody he knows and trusts believes as he believes. So, he may ask himself, why all the fuss? It almost makes you feel sorry for him.
Many of you are guessing you know the identity of the person this description is referencing. You are most likely thinking about dementia sufferer, former Clipper’s owner, and reputed white supremacist, Donald Sterling, but you’d be wrong. This article is about Toure’ Neblett, a well known political commentator for MSNBC, who recently let slip an anti-Semitic/ anti-white tweet, which elicited quick and decisive censure on twitter. With one tweet, this man betrayed his carefully buried, politely hidden racial bias. One tweet uncovered that at his core, Toure’ resents white people, and expects that all of their accomplishments are based on “the power of whiteness” as he puts it. Deep down inside of Toure’ is a simmering suspicion that being “white” helped European Jews escape the holocaust.

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