Femnazism and The Death of Men

Feminism, in its current form, is pure evil.

Boy, am I glad my mother was not a misandrist! She loved every one of her 5 sons, and she encouraged us to be MEN! She taught us to be sensitive to our feelings, but not governed by them. We played baseball and football, and rough housed (sometimes too much). I’m sure at times she wished we weren’t so coarse, energetic, aggressive and independent. It couldn’t have been easy for her dealing with all of our maleness, but she never once tried to girl us up.

A woman is never more pro-feminine than when she is pro-masculine. If she wants to help males to be all that God intended when He produced masculinity, then it will take all of her God given femininity to encourage them. That is why modern Feminism is an abomination. It wants males to give up on masculinity, and, ironically, females to give up on femininity. Why be a feminist if the end all be all is to rob each gender of its distinctiveness? If the best that Feminism offers is the hope to be equal to males, then take it from me ladies you’re better off without it. God has far grander plans for you.

On August 8th, 2014 Jess Zimmerman posted an article to Medium.com defending her position as a Misandrist (hater of men). She explains that hating men means hating who men are (i.e. the patriarchy, masculinity, the jerks, the strength of men, just to name a few things about men she takes issues with) not hating individual males. And that, I think, is what she wants to reduce men to; males. Males are okay with her, because males are not the “men” we currently experience as brothers, fathers, husbands, and sons. Males are good little neutered non-entities, made in the image of Almighty Woman.

Just to give you an idea who Miss Zimmerman is, her author bio describes her as “interested in…monsters, feelings, gender, …witches, magical realism,…smashing patriarchy”. Charming. Sometimes her hair is purple, and sometimes half her head is shaved. Because, you know, nothing says rebel like using one’s hair to express angst. Her articles include such titles as “Witchcraft is the New Misandry”, “I Am A Feminist With Daddy Issues”, and “Opinions Are Like Orgasms; Men Will Get Theirs All Over You”. ( Pretty gross, right?) It goes without saying this is not a person of level headed good will. She is clearly angry, and that anger is directed at men.

Put simply, she wants to ban men. What does that even mean? She tries to explain that banning “men” is good for males. It is good for males, because being “men” is bad for us. Well done, Jess, there’s nothing like cyclical reasoning to show you’re a serious thinker! She continues, being “men” dehumanizes the XY set, so we should all just get on board with her view of what a male should be. As if someone, who openly hates men, can be trusted to dictate the roles of and societal definitions for men. Do we allow the people in this world who are most openly hostile towards women (i.e. sharia compliant regimes) to dictate for the world the roles and definition of womanhood? God forbid. Do we allow pedophiles to dictate the roles and definition for childhood? No! And why not, because to do so is worse than absurd; it is destructive to the very nature of what being a woman or child is all about.

In like kind it is destructive to allow Jess Zimmerman, or any other modern feminist (which is to say angry, man-hater) to dictate to all men how we ought to go about converting into neutered males. All things being equal, Misandry is a greater evil than racism, because it is a hatred of %50 of the earth’s population. It is a hatred of the basic gender binary God created in order to best represent His image to the Universe.

Her basic argument is this (let’s see if you can follow along)
Men are shameful weaklings.
They should eschew their remaining strength.
This will be good for them, because they are so weak anyway.

So, how does she want men to interact with the world? She wants us to be women. The guy she wants is not tough, he isn’t brave, he can’t use strength, and he doesn’t challenge anything. The guy she wants us to be is pathetic. But, remember it’s because she cares. She just wants what’s best for males, and the world. Reduce the world’s population of men to weaklings, and all will be shiny and bright.

Talk about an exercise in begging the question! How can a thinking person not see this for what it is? A big ball of logical fallacies, masquerading as a legitimate call to action. I believe that if men are behaving badly, they aren’t living up to their manly calling at all. They are merely bad men. Furthermore, true men are the most honorable, kind, loving, woman honoring, morally and physically strong and courageous people on this earth.

She believes that to be men means to behave badly. This underlines her inherent respect for what a man actually is. Just because some men have given themselves over to weakness, and thereby began treating women shabbily, doesn’t mean they need more weakness. What they need is more strength. What they need is to put away childish things, and stand up and act like men! Weakness is what caused them to err at the outset.

I’ll put her logic in parabolic form, so we can see just how absurd and destructive it is.
“A once virile man is injured in a car accident. This leaves his legs weakened. He is given a choice between physical therapy with strength training, or, a wheelchair. If he chooses physical therapy, it will be hard, but eventually he will relearn how to walk on his own; presently, after much perseverance, his strength returns. If he chooses the wheelchair, it will be quite easy, but he shall never walk again.”

This is her misandrist logic in a bumper sticker, if logic it can even be called. “Give up your strength! You’re all shameful weaklings anyway!” I encourage you to read her article, if for no other reason than to see what nonsense she is spewing. Just google her name and the word :medium”, if you feel like immersing yourself in the cess of another liberal’s mental droppings.

I leave you with this word of warning; many of the things we once thought of as utter nonsense even 8 years ago, are now firmly entrenched logical categories in the minds of today’s unbelieving culture. We can’t continue to take it for granted that basic morality, human categories and social mores hold today.

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