The Black Mass and Gay Marriage

I am a free market guy. I am a everybody should mind his own business guy. Which puts me in an odd spot, because I am also a “we should have moral laws” guy. And a, “vote as a way to love thy neighbor” guy. Dr. Peter Kreeft says that a good society is simply a society which makes it easy for citizens to be good.

That being said, if a bunch of perverts in California want gay marriage legalized, let them vote on it at the local and state level. We don’t need a national law mandating that every state recognize the tyrannical will of a few million Leftist on the West Coast. I like small laws, with small jurisdictions- in a word Federalism.

Which brings me to the Black Mass. As the name implies the Black Mass is a satanic occult ritual meant to parody the Catholic Mass. They take communion with actual flesh and real blood. They meet at midnight. They have priests, etc. In 1969 Anton Lavey opened the First Church of Satan in San Francisco. (Who would have guessed?) The Devil you say? Yes, I do.

The Black Mass predates the church of Satan, really any organized devil worship in America, and originated in 19th Century Europe. Some American Founding Fathers were involved in a quasi-cult they termed “the Hell Fire Club”, but these had more to do with illicit sex parties than devil worship. The bottom line is that Black Mass and most devil worship ceremonies take elements from legitimate Christian worship practices.

The Black Mass is a mockery of the sacred. It apes and mimics holy elements of Church meant to magnify God, many of which are God instituted, warping and bending them out of form to fit an unholy, scoffing, and damnable false religion. The Black Mass mirrors, far from being an original concept in its own, can only do what the Devil does- counterfeit the good.


Legitimate, God instituted, marriage has a strict form and structure- it is between a man and a woman. A man may marry a young girl, but he may not marry a child. A man may marry an unlearned, even an unintelligent woman, but he may not marry a mental defective. There are rules. Rules that have shaped and structured human civilization since the beginning. And, God blessed this thing called marriage, and He made it holy. The consummation of such is the way that God continues His human making campaign.


So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth… -Genesis 1:26-28


Christianity teaches that males and females, made in the image of God, exemplify that image when they come together and “The two shalll become one flesh”. God’s image shines through the male female dynamic, one gender alone does not accomplish the Image of God. As such, it has been inferred, that male female marriage is an act of worship, one that entails its own set of sacraments, rites, and liturgies.

To pervert marriage is to pervert worship. To establish a false marriage is to establish a false religion. Gay marriage is to authentic marriage, what the Black mass is to authentic Christian worship. A perversion. A mockery. A way to scoff at the created order instituted by the Creative Orderer. It looks like the real McCoy, but they are as different as good and evil. (Indeed evil is an absence of what is good, and gay marriage is an absence of the image of God fully realized.)

I would not advise Christians to find and burn down all the Satanic worship sites. Nor would I recommend disrupting or protesting a gay wedding ceremony. Our weapons of warfare are spiritual. We pray. We fast. We are meant to weep for the sins of our neighbors. We bless our enemies. It is the Jesus Method for becoming a public nuisance. But, like Jesus, we will be able to ask, “for which one of these good things” do you hate me?

As Christians we oppose it, not out of bitter malice, but because God’s ways are the ways of life. To alter from that course is to collide head on with Death, in all of its sinister guises. We are looked at as busybodies and worse, bigots. I find that odd.

Nobody ever calls the lifeguard a busybody. He’s been set there to enforce the parameters of safe swimming, and haul your lifeless corpse out of the drink, hopefully to resuscitate you, should you go under. Nobody asks him to kindly mind his own business.