Between Privilege and Providence

I’ve been thinking about “white privilege”. Nobody seems to know what it means. I’ve been asking. The best anybody has been able to come up with is to call it an advantage that white people have. They assume this advantage comes from racism. SJWs play the race card like high schoolers play Call of Duty.

Naturally, I have to ask, “Where’s the finish line?” And, usually I get a vacant expression from the person, as they hem, haw, stutter, and finally blurt, “What are you talking about? What does a finish line have to do with it?”
Let me explain. Privilege implies advantage, and advantage implies a head start. So, if there’s a head start, then there has got to be a finish line. People who use the term “white privilege” have never really thought it through. They are so used to assuming that they have the moral authority in any conversation, that they’ve never taken the time to see their reasoning through to the logical conclusion. Between you and me, that’s also why they’re liberal.
The advantage has to be “pointed” at something. So, I ask again, “Where is the finish line?” Eventually, the liberal will exclaim, “White privilege gives you an unfair advantage to get a good job and be successful.” Once again, the SJWs show that they are obsessed with other people’s money, because all socialists are. They are the greediest and most envious people you will meet, because they spend all their time worrying about O-P-M, other people’s money.
Every socialist argument is a way to talk about O-P-M. It is the core obsession of socialism. But, what if the finish line was something loftier then O-P-M, like character, literacy, or holiness.

Anyone who uses the term “White Privilege” has outed themselves as a greedy, socialist pig. See, they take it for granted that the best thing in life is to be financially successful. That’s what they mean by “advantage”, “head start”, and privilege. In other words they are materialistic, envious, and ungrateful for what they have been given.
The entire philosophy of “White Privilege” is to empower the greedy to take from the “advantaged”. It is designed to justify raising taxes, affirmative action, asking White tenured professors to voluntarily step down. In short, the term “white privilege” is a way for victims to air their grievances and affix guilt to the guiltless, motivated by class and racial envy, in an effort to sabotage and shame the recipients of “whiteness”.

This week a Professor of Mathematics at Illinois claimed that the ability to solve algebra and geometry equations “operates as whiteness”. Oh yeah, sure, I remember Pythagoras proving that 25 hundred years ago. It seems like this professor has veered from the hard sciences, and has a soft skull. What is “whiteness” anyway, and how does it figure into mathematics?

Furthermore, isn’t it just a little condescending to suggest that non-whites are bad at math? Wouldn’t that be universally decried as racist if a white male said it? How do these people get away with the insane and illogical? They get away with it, because liberals don’t have to see their convictions through to their logical ends. It just has to feel right, and come from the heart. I, for one, want to question the hearts and minds of people who perpetuate the soft racism of lower expectations; and then to justify their own twisted beliefs, they punish guiltless whites.

If privilege is determined by the finish line, then non-whites have access to privilege too. You just have to determine a different finish line. What about “Athletic Privilege, which unfairly privileges those who are in shape, practice hard, and possess natural physical abilities over those who don’t? What about “Beauty Privilege”, which unfairly privileges those who work out, eat right, wear fashionable clothing, have good health, and possess natural physical gifts over those who don’t? What about “Friendship Privilege”, which unfairly privileges those who are light hearted, loyal, outgoing, and funny, over those who aren’t. And, what about “Liberal Privilege, which unfairly privileges those who whine and complain about everybody else, seek out like minded crybabies on college campuses, break laws and commit acts of violence against Trump supporters, and yet avoid arrest, over those who respect others views, pay taxes, and work for everything they have. The list of alternative privileges could go on.

All told every American has access to privilege that the rest of the world can only drool over. If you have hot and cold running water, access to motorized transportation, and electricity, then you are more privileged than 97% of the people on planet Earth. We should all be thanking God that we were born in the USA. This country confers on its citizen untold political benefits, freedoms, and access to opportunities for wealth. We have to recognize our “American Privilege.”

As a Christian, I believe that God gave every person to a specific family, in a specific cultural context, and to a specific land. That is called Providence. We owe Him gratitude for what He has given us, not grievance over what He chose to give others. Class and racial envy do not come from the better angels of our nature, they come from hate. America haters have to stir up those feelings to distract Americans from their god given privilege.

And, now we get to the crux of it- Socialists, Leftist, and Race Baiters are filled with hate. They are aggrieved and want to take revenge. That’s why they will lose, because the American people love winners. We love the loving, and we still respect loyalty to family and flag. As long as there is an America will be “American Privilege”, because we are exceptional!

God bless the USA, and make disciples!

-Daniel Venturino