The Hidden Ethic of the American Liberal

*Editor’s Note: This article is taken from an unused chapter from the forthcoming book, The Battle for Main Street: Reclaiming America’s Heritage available for pre-sale.

Part 2: The Hidden Ethic of the American Liberal

Liberalism likes to dress up it’s moral deficiency by attempting to claim the moral high ground. Without fail the Left tries to position itself as the arbiters of right and wrong; often lifting up minorities as the bedraggled and exploited little guy whom hey serve. This is a canard, because it frames everyone as a victim, victimizer, or champion of the victim.


They do this because their movement is utterly bereft of authentic morality. So, they’ve had to invent a new morality, one which conforms to the politics of power and oppression. For a secular humanist, the end all be all is his own desires. It is power he wants. The power to be beholden to none. They claim things like, “An’ it harm none, do what ye will.” He often gets this power by claiming victim status, or exploiting other victims.


Do not stand in his way, lest you suffer his wrath. He does what he wants. His goal is autonomy. He is part of the kingdom of God cannot even enter into his equation. In that sense, the Leftist has an excuse for acting like a heathen; because ontologically he is one. It is his birthright and his born instinct to rebel, seek his own at another’s expense, and run from culpability. Liberalism is the worldview of sin, that is plain. This is why noted leftist Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals to, as he puts it, “Lucifer, the first rebel”. Demonic.


But, what excuse do Christians have for behaving like the world? If we are such an undisputed force for good, then why do our churches grow less attended each year? Are we too much like the world which scripture claims we will one day stand to judge? The Church Father, Tertullian, once said, “What indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem? What concord is there between the Academy and the Church? What between heretics and Christians?


It was a question meant to stir the faithful to ever more sincere devotion to a religion which prides itself on being “called out” from among the pagans. When those of the Sacred camp begin to act in profane ways, there is no longer a distinct people set apart for God. We lose our identity. We lose our mission. We lose our blessings. And, we lose the ability to continue what 1 John 3:8 calls Jesus Christ’s manifestation to “destroy the works of the devil.”


The profane have no such mission, calling, or identity. Jesus says they are of their father, the devil. Harsh words. I conclude that when the unbeliever acts out we should not be surprised. That’s not to say that Christians can’t use culture and other social structures to somewhat reform him. Nonetheless he will always be a wolf, only an encounter with Jesus can transform him into a sheep.


With Culture we are able to restrict the expression of his fallenness, and produce better kinds of behaviors. This is to restrain him from acting on the depths of his depravity. Good religion can rehabilitate a rotting culture, then that good culture can produce improved individuals. I am most emphatically not suggesting man’s perfectibility, only the very real option of helping return to him some of the lost Image he still bears, even in his unregenerate estate.


The American Leftist believes that Socialism will give him what he wants – freedom from work, responsibility, religion, sickness, you name it. Socialism is itself a type of secular eschatology, promising the return of a heaven on Earth. It has its own religion. Secular is the term Leftists use describe their religion.


No matter what they tell you, there is no such thing as a religion free society. The Leftists, Atheists and Humanists call their religion “Secularism.” When you boot out God and Christianity, it is to smuggle in a new god and new religion. For them, the Self serves as a god, and when they reject all established religious systems they call it secular. This is a word they use to pretend that they are religion free, and therefore their views should be represented in society, government, etc.


Many Catholics, especially in South America, have adopted Socialism’s ethos. They have synced their Catholicism with their Socialism. Socialism is a usurping false religion attempting to co-opt Christianity for its own political and economic agenda. It must be opposed. Let me be clear; Socialism is not compatible with Christianity, just as Nazism is not compatible with Christianity.