Protesting the Flag and the Pledge?

  1. The Pledge of Allegiance was designed by Statists in 1892, to coerce a more nationalist/communistic, socialist populace, according to the Cato Institute. It did not catch on nationally until after WWI, when victorious Americans were feeling a great swell of nationalist exuberance. Example: Prior to the Civil War a gentleman thought of himself as a Virginian or Pennsylvanian, and now he is more likely to think of himself as an “American”.
  2. There is nothing innately Christian about pledging allegiance to anything or anyone but Christ himself.
  3. NFL, NBA, MLB players are exercising their constitutionally guaranteed free speech and freedom of protest.
  4. Outraged sports fans should vote with their attention by tuning out, and with their dollars by not spending on team gear.
  5. Christians should exercise their free speech by witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus, and being good citizens.
  6. If the NFL/NBA/MLB suffers from loss of revenue, then they will change. Money is their goal, not politics and not entertainment.
  7. If Hollywood loses revenues, because stars and starlets can’t keep their gobs shut, then so be it. The free market will ensure that what makes money will continue to be what makes it to the screen.

For me personally, I do feel proud to recite the pledge. I do not think it makes me a socialist or a GOPer. It simply unites me to my countryman in a way that is, I think, good and natural. I am not naive. I know our nation has much to repent. But, I also know it has been used mightily of God, in our heyday.

In middle school, I realized that saying the pledge was not perfectly in sync with my Christian values. It made me feel like I was committing idolatry. This was uncomfortable for me. I stopped rising for the pledge. Truth be told, it more an act of youthful rebellion against ensconced tradition. It irked me that I had to rise and recite. I chaffed at that. This was not some deeply held religious belief, like say, Hasidic Jews refusing to join the IDF. I determined that America, and her flag, did not deserve my allegiance.

Today, I rise for the anthem, and sing it. I stand for the pledge and recite it. I love this country, “for which it stands.” But, I am aware of their origins and limitations. I do not conflate the armies of the US, with the heavenly host. And, I do not expect our political leaders to work miracles, solving all of our earthly woes- they are neither saints nor prophets. Only Jesus can do that.

Let’s pray for national repentance. Let’s pray the our Lord drains the swamp. Let us be devoted to one another in brotherly love, from sea to shining sea. Be a light. Add your purifying savor to the broth. Feed his sheep. This land is your land, after all. God gave it to you as a gift and a calling.