Sprinkle Chef, Liberals and Magical Thinking


All liberals are science deniers. They practice magical thinking. They occupy a world ungoverned by God or natural laws, but rather human desires, compulsions, and psychosis. By sprinkling in some humanism and lots of carnal desire, they overcome the need for evidence and Truth. Human feelings are the end all be all. And not logic or even scientific scrutiny can convince them to the contrary. When a human ferociously and rabidly holds to an extremely far fetched belief, in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, it is insanity. That is a psychosis. It is magical thinking. 

Example 1. They deny what the biology, the DNA, the chromosomes, the genes, the hormones, the muscle composition, and the physical sexual accoutrements are clearly telling them. They are science deniers, pure and easy. It’s easy for them, because they have been conditioned to think magically about the world. They think that just because a biological male feels like a female, then he is a female. His feelings trump reality. Sprinkle some human emotion, and mix in a mental illness or two. Just like that he is a she! It’s magic. Presto-chango!

Example 2. In the old days it was widely held that hay bails generated rats and that rancid meat generated maggots. When a farmer stuck his pitchfork into the hay and rats came out, he just assumed rats came from hay. When they saw meat rotting, then days later maggots showed up, it was assumed maggots came from hay. My 8th grade public school science teacher gave us this little story, and then reminded us that life does not come from non-life. 

But, liberals do believe that life comes from non-life, they call it Darwinian evolution. Non organic molecules magically came together and life appeared. This line of thinking also leads them to atheism, because no being outside of Space, Time, Energy, and Information could possible be responsible for the existence of space,time, energy, and information. Sprinkle a little “time” and “in directed blind chance”. They just appear! It’s almost as if some magic was at work. Presto-chango!

Example 3. Some liberals are honest enough with themselves to admit they do believe in magic. They are stargazers, spiritists, wiccans, luciferians, and the like. They practice the dark arts, call on gods and demons, and ascribe to pantheistic, animistic “universe-as-god” religious motifs. Not only do they belice life comes from non life, like the Darwinists, but that non-life is actually alive in some sense. They hold that the creation is full of energy,  which can be tapped into and drawn upon. Some of them practice “main line” religions like Buddhism, Hinduism and Baha’i .  Even so called Christian denominations like Methodists, Lutherans and Episcopalians dabble with these magical constructs.  

These examples come from Satan, the true foe and master of lies. He is the original liberal, and not in the classical sense, but in the very real and active spirit of chaos, rebellion and haughtiness. His lies have permeated the world religions, secular and humanistic philosophies, and now the mainline denominations.  He sprinkles a little falsehood hear and there. And just like that Presto-chango a once vibrant church abandons God’s truth, and starts to die off and become just another liberal cabal. 

It’s just like magic…