A taste for poison

1. There once was a noble country of people who were called Coggs. They had a practice of sending out an exploratory expedition composed of very promising colonists. At some point they met a Native, hailing from parts unknown. He was of a friendly sort, utterly disarming, and he offered to show them to a good and verdant land, which they could not hope to find without his assistance. Unfortunately, having been warned not to travel so far away that their supply line could no longer serve them, their curiosity and wander lust compelled them to accompany the Native.  It was folly.
2. they knew better than to venture too far, but one thing lead to another, and they did it anyway. The farther they traveled away, the fiercer and stronger their desire to keep moving onward became. The Native lead them just beyond the reach of their mother empire. It really was a pity.
3. The Native stole away in the night leaving the weary colonists lost and alone in a waste; and they were running out of supplies. It began to look quite hopeless. In their ignorance and desperation some of them began to doubt the wisdom of the expedition, while others out right questioned the Emperor’s goodness. Many of them loudly proclaimed that “A good Emperor would never have sent us out here to get lost in these wilds, and why hasn’t he sent out a rescue party for us?”
4. And, so they became the Noncoggs, and turned to eating dead things, poisonous vegetation, toadstools, and muck just to survive. The toadstools affected swirling delusions and colorful visions, which made even the most iron-constitutioned among them squeamish.
5. But,as often happens with the passing of time, after a while they began to quite like their new foods
6. some of them gave themselves so fully to the “new gastronomy” that they retained no taste at all for the wholesome foods of their mother empire
7. Over the years they grew stupider and more suspicious of one another. After all, it had been such an awfully long time since they’d shared the comforts of Civilization. During this time, the Emperor had been sending Rescuers to them, bearing good and wholesome things to eat. Most of them received the Rescuers with contempt and suspicion, but some Noncoggs, becoming increasingly more Quasi-Coggish all the time, gladly took what aid they could from the Rescuers. These were those who regretted leaving the empire, and wanted to retain allegiance to the Emperor. Although they had violated the Empire’s laws, the Emperor extended clemency to all who would once again pledge their allegiance to him. The Rescuers did all to aid them in re-patrioting, and to assure them of the Emperor’s pardon.
8. many of the people could not even bear the sight of these Rescuers, because they had grown frail, ugly, and decayed by their noisome diets. It offended them to see creatures of such nobility and grace, of which they had once been.
9.  those who were farthest removed from normal Cogg thought, practice and physicality, were the most suspicious of the rescuers, having grown quite fond of their new life, and the freedoms to eat what they liked. The colorful, euphoric, geometry fueled visions, which had at first sickened them, now became something of a fashion among their so called intelligentsia.
11. “Back in the empire, we were slaves, plebeians, no-bodies!” some were known to say, “They wouldn’t even let us eat muck, nor toadstools! Can you imagine? That Emperor thinks he knows what’s best, but I begin to think he just wanted to keep all the good toadies for his self. Bah! I eats what I likes.”
12. And that was the attitude of them all, to one degree or another. Even those who wanted to remain loyal to the Emperor nursed darksome thoughts towards him, try as they might not to. He was hard to stay truly loyal to, because he wouldn’t let his people eat muck or dead things, and, to them, he seemed to have a wholly unreasonable objection to consuming toadstools. It didn’t really make sense to even the most Coggish of the Quasi-Coggs.
13. Some of them sent letters of beseechment to the Emperor, asking to be allowed to eat only so many toadstools. They didn’t mind cutting back, but going completely without was, to their minds, a certain overly fanatical. After all, what could the Empire really have against toadstools?
14. What made matters worse is that, here and there, the Native or one of his Tribe would pop up and extol the virtues of toadstools. He even came up with some absolutely delicious recipes for how to cook muck and dead things. It was all the rage among the Noncoggs, though the Quasi-Coggs paid lip service to its deceptive vileness.
15. No matter how Coggish the Quasi-Coggs became, none of them ever completely shook the taste for toadstools. See their natures had been changed. They were no longer true Coggs in body or mind. Travelling too far from the empire and then tasting the unwholesome fungi had produced an utterly new race, the Noncoggs. In physicality, practice, and disposition of thought they had more in common with the Natives, than their former countrymen. The transition had so taken every aspect of their lives, that even their young inherited the change.


God sent his new race of beings into the world, and commanded them to go out and subdue it.  They were filled with wisdom to stay within his parameters, and the warning to only go so far and abstain from eating that which was forbidden.  But, instead they were coaxed into disobeying God.  That seed of disobedience germinated and became the fruit of death.  It is that seed which every human now carries.  It changed us from wise, gentle, loving creatures meant only for blessing and God’s presence, to our current degenerated state.  The sin of our first parents now echoes in every thought, motive, and intention of our hearts.

We are not the Coggs or cognitives, but rather the Non-Coggs or non-cognitives.  We don’t even have to think about sin, its just something we naturally do.  We don’t have to cognitively plan on sinning, because now it is our natural and default coping mechanism.  I was born with a taste for sin, just like Non-Coggs hunger for toadstools.  I am easily swayed and overcome by temptations, just as the Non-Coggs were by the Native.  But, by God’s grace I have been rescued by his Love.  My Emperor sent his Rescuer into the wastelands, in search of my wayward and hatefilled self.  That Rescuer laid down his rights, privileges, wealth, titles, vassals, courtiers, fine clothes, and power in order to convince me of the Emperor’s love.  The Emperor gave his only begotten heir to the throne, and the Rescuer made my redemption more important than his own rights.  In so doing the Rescuer proved to all the Non-coggs, and all the Native’s Tribe, and all the other citizens of the Empire that he truly deserved the throne of Kingship.


All hail the lion of Judah, and blessed be he who comes in the name of the LORD!