Married man discovers he is actually genetically female

According to the Daily Mail, a Chinese man, who is married to a woman, found out from a DNA test that he is genetically a chromosomal  female. This came as a surprise to him, because he has male genitals, and has always believed himself to be male. Imagine his surprise when a routine doctor visit for stomach cramping, turned out to be PMS pain.

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I am sure this revelation rocked him to his core. How difficult it must be to discover something so outlandish. Our gender often plays a central role in how we see ourselves. Gender shapes our identities in ways more ways than we know. I can only pity this poor person, as he seeks to deal with the fallout of this new information.

As a christian, I have a codified morality dealing with sexual ethics, given to me by holy scripture. The Bible dictates what is right and what is wrong, in every arena of human experience. I have a rock solid foundation, on which to build my own understanding of morality, which is God’s Word. God’s word is very specific about what it condemns and what it encourages. Because of this, I generally have “all the right answers” when it comes to Christian sexual morality. Sex before marriage, beastiality, pederasty, and homosexuality are some of the practices that are explicitly forbidden as sinful in God’s eyes.

But this is totally novel. There are elements of this Chinese man’s experiences that I have never thought through before. That’s why I am having such a difficult time rendering a value judgment about this. I am certainly empathetic with this man, his wife, and all the trouble which may befall them. It breaks my heart, because, by all accounts, these two tried to do every thing the right way.

If a genetic female, who has male genitals and was raised believing he is male, marries a woman, is that person guilty of the sin of homosexuality? I do not believe in “situational ethics”, but I do believe that the intent of a person’s heart does matter. In other words, IF I follow traditional morality, always doing the best I can with the information I have, and it still turns out wrong, at what point does it become a sin?

I’m not one of these people who buys into the LGBTQ agenda.  I stand firm in the knowledge that homosexual activity is a sin.  I’m not cold or calloused about this.  People who are same sex attracted have my deepest sympathies.  I do understand some people are born with same sex proclivities, but our urges do not negate the finality of God’s standards for human sexuality.

That being said, I am left with some unresolved question, as pertains to our Chinese friend

  • Is it only the sin of homosexuality, if it was his intention to be involved in homosexuality?
  • If His body is physically male, but he happens to have two X Chromosomes, is he male or female?
  • If, we determine he is in fact a she, should she get a divorce?
  • If, she gets a divorce, is it acceptable for her to start seeing men now?

For me, the water gets very murky, the further in we wade.  All I know for sure is God loves this Chinese person, and His wife.  My heart’s desire is that God’s love will heal these two, and lead them into all truth.  May the Spirit of Truth lead us all into God’s truth!

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