Culture and the new gods?

Why Godly Culture?  A primary reason we created this site is to deconstruct and analyze modern American culture.  We are looking to find and promote anything that upholds godliness, while conversely breaking down diabolical trends, demonically inspired ideas, and cultural strongholds of wickedness. No matter how Christian you think you are, to some degree the culture has imprinted you with ideas that are not from the Bible.  It is somewhat inevitable, but that is not to say it is acceptable or irreversible.  Our culture daily baptizes us with pictures, ideas, and worldview valuations that must be answered and combated with God’s Word.  As Christians, we have a loving duty, to our neighbors and fellow human beings, to expose and beat back the deluge of ungodliness.

My question exactly! What is culture?

Here’s how it works:  A culture is the sum total of the actual beliefs of your society.  It is the “cult” of where you live.  Culture is born out of the thoughts and opinions of your region’s history, industry, politics, media, arts, education, and religion.  These factors combine to influence your thinking, as you constantly interact with what is happening on the news, in music, at work, and among your peers.  What our Culture values, and finds acceptable or praiseworthy, will invariably bleed into what every person in it values, accepts, and praises.  Mother Culture is the air we breathe and the water we swim in.  We are all susceptible to her seductive wiles, as she floods our minds with her influential message.

As I began to engage with this idea, I realized that every culture has expressed what they value as the gods.  Whether it be at Mesopotamian ziggurats, the pagan East’s shrines to elephant headed and many armed gods, or cultured ancient Greeks bowing to statues in marble temples, or modern man’s attempts to elevate himself to godlike status; all across the world and at every time period there have been the gods.  If the culture values war, then men make an Ares or an Artemis.  If the culture values fertility, then the men dance a rain dance to the spirits in the sky.  If the culture exalts humans as supreme beings devoid of any Creator or Moral Law Giver, then men make graven images to dictators, sacrifice the unborn upon the alter of convenience, take mind altering drugs to stave off the tedium, and entertain themselves to death.

Meet the new gods!  (They’re really just the old gods in disguise, but, let’s meet ’em anyway.)

The Sex god:  


He is a god of this culture, because in our culture, everything we do in his name is permissible.  Do you like to watch other people make love?  Do you prefer the anonymity of a chat room or a “tube” to going to an adult book store?  (By the way, the euphemism “adult book store” is a genius piece of marketing.)  Are you interested in paying for sex?  None of that is a problem for the Sex god.  Do you want to get a divorce?  Great, just say you’re doing it because you fell in or out of love, or because your spouse has lost interest in sex.  The Sex god will grant you a divorce.  Do you want to have an abortion?  Go for it!  Just say that you had unprotected sex, with somebody you really love.  Or, say, “take your laws off my body”.  The god of Sex has now set you free to live life with none of the consequences that used to accompany fornication.

The Golden goddess:  


She has promised wealth and fame in exchange for your fealty.  It seems clear, from the data, that our culture has pretty much conditioned us to expect a great life, if we come into a lot of money, or achieve some fame and acclaim.  We’ll be so happy, if our bank accounts are full, or if we see our name is up in lights.  There is no better way to live than having a fat wad in our pockets and the adoration of others.  This is why we spend so much time at work, learn to play an instrument, and take dramatic arts courses at the community college.  I’ve spent a significant portion of my life dreaming of fast cars, immaculate homes, riches and the love of an adoring audience.  The Golden goddess only wants what’s best for us, and, in exchange, we have to be willing to do anything she asks; even if she asks us to step on all the little people.  Unfortunately, to refute her claims we need only look to the many “successful” actors, musicians, scientists, painters, and business men who have taken their own lives, after they reached the top and found it wanting.  They get everything they were promised, but it doesn’t satisfy, so they turn to hardcore drugs and suicide.  Still, she masquerades as the Empress of Every Good Thing.

The Wisened One:  


He is a god of our culture, because we only really believe the experts.  Think about it, whose testimony is most likely to move a jury?  An Expert!  Which doctor actually treats you; the family care practitioner or the specialist?  Do you take your car to the Joe’s Auto Shop or to Bob’s Brakes/Mike’s Mufflers/Tom’s Tires/etc?  This is why we have so many majors in colleges.  Where are the Renaissance Men? The Wisened One has lent his credibility only to those educated elites, because one of the places he gets his godly powers from is the University.

The Powermonger: 


 It is a monstrous god, more titan and force of nature, than a personalized deity.  The Powermonger is the source which lies behind many of the other New gods, but has a more distinct and unique environment.  He gives humans the desire to do away with social mores, traditional values, and family ties. In fact, anything that would inhibit the human apetite is an enemy, according to this disastrous Zeitgesit demon. The Powermonger haunts the courthouses, chambers of commons, Capitol buildings, penthouses, and corner offices on the top floor.  The Powermonger grants its adherents access to the inside track.  It’s worshippers are called the Inner Ring.  These people obsess with being first, and, when ever possible, only.  They want it best; they want it now, and don’t anybody stand in their way!  The Powermonger possesses the Inner Ring, and empowers them to cast off the shackles of mediocrity, modesty, and shame.

Unfortunately there are many more:


The TickettyToc god, who wants us to live by the wristwatch. The Forked Tongue god, who wants to use double speak, confusion, and obfuscation to get his way. The One Eyed Box: he sits in our living rooms, demanding our attention. He is so important to us, that we do him much honor by facing all our furniture toward him.  The Gridiron Juggernaut who entertains and delights us, meanwhile his athletic prowess distracts us from our families, work, and God.  And, there are still so many more…

Our Culture praises the new god who tolerates every human passion.  She praises him, and sits as his mistress.  The new god is not the Christian God.  The new god is based on the true God, and claims to be Him, but with some notable changes.  God used to forbid gay sex, but the new god is cool with it.  That was soooo Old Testament of Him, but he isn’t like that anymore.  He used to forbid no-fault divorce, but now anybody can divorce and remarry anybody for any reason.    The new god has finally gotten with the times.  He used to forbid children sassing their parents, but now he sees that it is healthy for the young to express themselves.  The new god has been reading books from the psychology section at Barnes and Nobles.  The new god has gotten rid of all those hang ups He had before.  he’s evolved!  Isn’t that great?  Now, he’s free to allow everything under the sun.  Well, almost everything… it seems these days God is capable of allowing anything but judgment.  and he never makes moral distinctions when it comes to sexual immorality(pornography, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, bestiality), abortion, or any sin committed in the name of love or progress.

The American Pantheon is replete with many strange new deities.  These are only a few. In forth coming posts we will investigate and unmask these Baals and Ashteroths further. We will take an in-depth look at them one by one! And, with God’s help, we will fight them.

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