One by one the members of Christian band As I Lay Dying became atheists

Tim Lambesis, the front man for the hardcore christian rock band, “As I Lay Dying”, admits to becoming an atheist.  He goes on to say, “In 12 years of touring with As I Lay Dying, I would say maybe one in 10 Christian bands we toured with were actually Christian bands.” These revelations and more can be found in a Christian News Network, though I first encountered the story on article.

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I am sick of the "christian  celebrity". I’m talking about rock stars and famous evangelists who make money of off the church.  I’m talking about slicked back TV preachers soliciting donations from the stupid enough to consent.  I’m talking about the churches who use tithes to build bigger buildings and fellowships halls and education wings, instead of paying the bills of their sick members or reaching out to the poor and widowed.  I am sick of the men’s conferences featuring “superstar saints”.  (As a side note I’d like to mention that, In Tampa, Tim Tebow wanted $125 just to shake his hand.   As a result of this, and other factors, Wildfire Florida 2014 was cancelled due to low registration.  Which essentially means, they chose to not do ministry, because they couldn’t make any money.  Appalling.)

Isn’t the term christian celebrity a contradiction?  Shouldn’t Christians only celebrate one Person?  Shouldn’t well known christian leaders eschew excessive wealth, adulation, and hero worship?  When I have had the privilege of meeting and praying with truly godly men, I have left their presence thinking much less of them and much more of Jesus.  John the Baptist said, “I must decrease and He (Jesus) must increase.”  And so must I decrease, and so must we all, even the so called celebrities.

Our humanity leads us to make mere mortals into something more than they deserve.  We elevate musicians, actors, and the influential.  We lift them high, even preachers and other christian leaders, and when they disappoint us we sometimes lose hope, but always lose joy.  These people in the spotlight have a tough job, and the devil is always gunning for them.  Pride is so easily encouraged, especially when our fellow Christians act as willing accomplices.  And so it was with the members of the band Lamb of God.  But those musicians could not have shipwrecked the faith of their christian fans, if those same fans had only remembered that they are nothing more than men with instruments, singing songs and playing notes. If Tim, and his band members, had kept the same cool headed humility, perhaps they could have retained faith in Jesus.

Jesus said, “If I am lifted up on the earth, I will draw all men unto me…”.  So we lifted him up onto a cross, where he drew only one beggarly, convicted murderer to himself.  That was where it started, but that is not where it ended.  Many well known and influential Christians have been drawn to Jesus, and been given everlasting life.  These men have decided to try to use their fame and notoriety to point a spotlight on their Savior.  So, why do we often feel so attracted to the christian, and yet so ambivalent about their Christ?

Tony Campolo and Mark Lowry discuss Native American Christianity with Richard Twiss

Richard Twiss shares his testimony, and critiques 500 years of missions to the Native Americans.  He shares his native people’s cultural values, and has sought to reconcile them with gospel of Jesus Christ.  For Richard, it is not a false dichotomy of either Christianity and Jesus Christ, on the one hand, or native cultural traditions and practices on the other.  Whatever is evil in any culture must be eradicated, but whatever is not evil can be used for God’s glory, through his precious Son.